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23 April 2024

A large number of Danish championships took place at Foodexpo, the largest food fair in the Nordics, in MCH Messecenter Herning.

You can see the full list of winners here:

Sunday 17 March:

• Chef of the year - Bjarke Jeppesen, Treetop Restaurant, Vejle

• Waiter of the Year - Andreas Kobs Laursen, Treetop Restaurant, Vejle

• Denmark's Best Pastry Chef - Josephine Kirstein Hansen, Andersen Bakery, Copenhagen

• Danish champion in Mocktails - Manuel Lică from

• Denmark's best cured sausage in artificial casing - French white mold salami - Butcher Matthiasen, Nørre Aaby

• Denmark's best cured sausage in natural casing - Sicilian salami - Butcher Munch, Skagen

• Denmark's Best Liver patej - Luxury liver patej - Butcher Matthiasen, Nørre Aaby

• Denmark's Best Frikadelle - Pan-fried meatball with apples, bacon and thyme - Pølsemageriet, Silkeborg

• Denmark's Best Grilled Sausage - Onion grill with garlic - Butcher Christiansen, Fanø

Monday 18 March
• Denmark's Best Baker - Ludvig Tence, Andersen Bakery, Copenhagen

• Danish Champion in Cocktails - Kimberly Høegsberg, Y's Café & Cocktailbar, Copenhagen

• Student competitions of the year
- The chef students Magnus Lund Hansen and Magnus Kokkendoff Ravnbo, Kold College, Odense

- Student apprentices Jacob Urth and Kasper Andersen, College360, Silkeborg

• Denmark's Best Smoked Cheese Salad - Cheese No. 5, Smoked Cheese Salad, Jama Ost, Risskov

• Denmark's Best Homemade Cream Cheese with Garlic - Cheese No. 5, Garlic Cheese, JUTA, Horsens

• Denmark's Best Homemade Cream Cheese without garlic - Cheese no. 3, fresh cheese with onions and herbs, Jama Ost, Risskov

• Winner of the Nordic Green Chef competition - Emil Persson from Sweden

Tuesday 19 March

• Nordic Chef - Nils Flatmark from Norway

• Nordic Waiter - Andreas Kobs Laursen from Denmark

• Denmark's Best Rum Ball - Nyemans Bakery in Aabenraa

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