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12 April 2024

This year, Foodexpo introduced a brand new area dedicated to outdoor dining and enjoying life under the open sky.

Hall J3 was transformed into a true paradise with four different themed settings in the inspiration area: Visitors could participate in a crayfish party in the small igloo, festive celebration in the teepee, dinner with lights and green plants in the orangery, and luxury overnight stay in the glamping tent.

The inspiration area was developed by Jeanett Risom, concept developer, while the products were curated and styled by Helene Sørensen, stylist.

In the igloo, a festive gathering with crayfish, lobster, and seafood had been arranged for a cozy and intimate moment for a small group of people.

In the teepee, everything was ready for a festive occasion. The bar was set up, the long table was laid out, and the atmosphere was relaxed and enveloped in Danish summer vibes.

In the glamping tent, a hotel room in nature was created. The cozy tent canvas, soft duvets, and decor created an atmosphere of pure well-being.

The orangery was an atmospheric, sensual green space where a long table invited socializing among a delightful group of people. The room was also lush and created the feeling of being both indoors and outdoors simultaneously.

Several exhibitors kindly lent products to the inspiration area:

Bent Brandt L9252
Bloomingville J7288
ByBrorson L9170
ByHolm J7230
HAY J7232
JH Engros Planter J7284
Lotus Belle Nordic J7326
Lübech Living J7144
OFYR Denmark J7372
Oskar Davidsen & Co. K8014
SACKit J7334
Thors Design J7154
Trademark Living J7152
Zederkof J7220
Østergård Interiør J7140

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