Foodexpo Denmark: 20 Years of the Largest Food Show in the Nordics

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19 February 2024

Step inside Messecenter Herning, Denmark’s largest exhibition space and discover the sheer wealth and variety of Scandinavia’s food. This is Foodexpo, an exhibition lasting three days in March that brings together the biggest names in the food industry.

It’s an event that’s come to be known, among other things, for its size. For the last two decades, Foodexpo has been the largest food show for restaurants, hotels, retail, canteens, and other related industries in Scandinavia.

Every two years, it hosts over 20,000 visitors, who come to see the 500 or more food, hospitality, and technology brands who put on their show. Across the Messecenter’s ten halls, Foodexpo has a bit of everything—from Danish wine to kitchen equipment, from coffee machines to caviar, from workwear to industry software.

“We are happy about the great support from both new and well-known exhibitors and partners, and we are looking forward to bringing the entire food industry together again here in Herning,” says Carina Høgsted Kirkegaard, project manager at MCH A/S, which runs the show.

Yet this year is not just any other year in the fair’s history. In 2024, Foodexpo reaches an important milestone, as it celebrates its “10 fairs in 20 years” anniversary. Over such a long period, there’s no doubt that it’s become a real institution in the Scandinavian food industry.

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