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23 October 2023

Foodexpo takes place at MCH Messecenter Herning from March 17th - 19th March 2024. Join us as we celebrate the 10th edition of this remarkable expo, where professionals from the foodservice, retail, hotel, and restaurant industry meet.

If you're considering showcasing your brand at the upcoming foodexpo, you've come to the right place. Here, you can read the reviews from some of the former exhibitors at Foodexpo.

Tommy Gundelund Jespersen from Excellent Wine lauds the substantial presence of industry experts:

"...It's crucial to stand out, and Foodexpo provides the perfect platform to achieve that. The concentration of professionals here has been remarkable, and we've been fortunate to witness significant interest in our products."

Line G. Jørgensen from Aqua d´or relishes the opportunity to present new products within a unified forum catering to both loyal and prospective customers:

"We are very excited about our participation at Foodexpo. Through our product innovations, we aim to inspire and captivate the interest of new and existing customers. Both groups showed great interest in our presence at the exhibition."

Berith K. Christiansen from Thise Mejeri states the value of personal encounters between industry peers, setting the stage for engaging conversations:

"We eagerly anticipate moments of shared laughter, radiant smiles, and meaningful discussions centred around organic produce and new products...While the digital realm holds numerous advantages, the direct human connection remains irreplaceable. We are particularly thrilled about embracing that aspect."

Lars Nørskov from Peter Larsen Kaffe places significant emphasis on the networking opportunities and the potential to foster new relations:

"Foodexpo presents an ideal backdrop forging new connections and nurturing existing ones. Moreover, it offers an inspiring ambience and an extensive array of offerings from diverse sectors and categories, creating an unparalleled experience for all attendees."

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