Relive the Grovkøkkenet's green greenie

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12 April 2024

Foodexpo's visitors got their hands on the ingredients! In the Grovkøkkenet (rough kitchen), visitors could experience the magic as ordinary vegetables were transformed into delicious greenies.

With expert guidance from Rub & Stub, they could explore the creativity in the kitchen and create their own taste experience.

Workshop participants were challenged on ingredients, tastes, and textures, resulting in unique and exciting variations of the green drink.

The recipe was simple: They had to choose one of two bases, blend the ingredients, add flavor enhancers from the flavor bar, adjust the taste to their liking, and pour it all into a glass.


Choose 1 of the following bases:
50 g frozen kale*
50 g frozen spinach*
¼ fresh avocado/
25 g frozen avocado
1/8 cucumber
2 dl optional liquid

50 g frozen kale*
25 g frozen spinach*
25 g frozen peas
¼ fresh avocado/
25 g frozen avocado
2 dl optional liquid

With this recipe, participants could create their very own favorite greenie, tailored to their taste and preferences.

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