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Vintec PREMIUM V280 wine cabinet, designed for standing bottles.

This wine cabinet can hold up to 203 standard bottles. It can be set as a single zone wine cabinet for storing both red and white wines or it can be set to be a multi-zone wine cabinet so you can have your bottles ready at the perfect serving temperature.

– Space for 203 bottles
– Elegant thermo UV-protected full glass door with integrated handle
– White LED lighting that illuminates and highlights the bottles in the ENTIRE cabinet
– Strong, efficient inverter compressor cooling technology
– Temperature between 5 °C and 20 °C
- 4 pcs. fixed shelf with flat shelves for standing bottles
– Measurements in cm: H: 194 W: 70 D: 76.8

We have developed this first-class Vintec PREMIUM V280 wine cabinet, where we start from stylish design, delicious presentation of the bottles, as well as an exceptionally nice lighting system.

You get a wine cabinet that has been developed to give you the ultimate wine experience and the best quality, so you can follow along with peace of mind knowing that your precious bottles are in safe hands.

The cabinet can be adjusted in temperature so that you always have wine lying around ready for serving or you can set the cabinet to "Cellaring mode" so that you have your very own little wine cellar with the correct storage temperature throughout the cabinet. The cabinet has been developed to come as close as possible to the conditions in a natural wine cellar when it is set to "Cellaring mode".

The cabinet was designed by VintageKeeping with a focus on designing a cabinet where the details are fastidious, without compromising on a beautiful and stylish design, while at the same time providing your wines with the optimal conditions.

The cabinet of the wine cabinet has a beautiful black textured color on the sides and the glass door of the cabinet has a coloring in the thermal glass all around, which gives the illusion of a high-gloss black door frame. Extremely stylish and elegant design. The UV-protected glass door ensures that your bottles are not affected by harmful UV light and at the same time the LED light, which sits inside the top and down the sides of the door, ensures that you can clearly see your wine collection in the cabinet. The brightness can also be set at many different levels, so you get exactly the mood you want.

The possibilities for furnishing the cupboard are a whole chapter by themselves and there are no other cupboards on the market that have these individual furnishing options.

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