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The Qbic Classique wine racks are suitable for most bottle types/sizes. The wine racks are suitable for "do-it-yourself cellars".

The Qbic Classique modules are supplied "flat packed" with detailed assembly instructions, screws and dowels, and are extremely easy to assemble and install.

The plinth and any top finish are supplied in modular sections for quick assembly. There are no advanced extras.

Qbic Classique is an elegant and simple wine rack modular system of high quality and in Scandinavian design. The series was designed and developed by VintageKeeping and is produced in the beautiful and rare wood red alder.

Red alder is a relatively hard and oily wood that is resistant to the cool and humid climate conditions that should be found in all wine cellars. The wood's greatest charm is the beautiful, slightly reddish color and the fine grain markings - they help give the Qbic modules their very exclusive and minimalist look.

The properties of the wood also mean that we can avoid surface treatment and other wood protection, so that there is no risk of smell from chemical additives.

Qbic Classic consists of a selection of modules with designs and functions that provide plenty of design possibilities.

This EXAMPLE 1 wine rack measures 210 cm in height, 300 cm in width and 30 cm in depth. It has space for approx. 546 regular bottles and 56 magnum bottles.

The following items are included in this set-up:

6 x Glass hanger Chrome
2 x Qbic Classique Multi Diamond
2 x Qbic Classique Ladder 9 Display 100
2 x Qbic Classique Shelf 50
2 x Qbic Classique Magnum 50
2 x Qbic Classique Base 50
2 x Qbic Classique Base 100

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