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Vintage Classic wine racks combine aesthetics and functionality in an elegant manner. These wine racks are created with inspiration from classical design, imparting a timeless touch to any decor.

The rustic charm and different details make these wine racks a perfect way to store and display your wines.

With various sizes and configurations, you can find the perfect Vintage Classic wine rack solution that suits your needs and space.

Whether you're a wine enthusiast or just looking for a beautiful storage solution, Vintage Classic wine racks are the right choice.

Here, we provide an example of a setup with Vintage Classic wine racks.

We present an example of how you can assemble a stylish wine rack with space for 422 wine bottles, glasses, etc.

Dimensions in cm: Width: 246, Height: 210, and Depth: 24.1 (including wall brackets, the rack itself is 16.5 cm deep).

It includes the following racks:

- 2 pcs IB 32 32,
- 2 pcs BIN 32 48,
- 2 pcs CHAMPAGNE 48,
- 1 pc Table Top,
- 1 pc Glass Holder,
- 4 pcs BIN DIVIDERS with 3 compartments each,
- 2 pcs Base Mould BIN 16,
- 2 pcs Base Mould BIN 32,
- 4 pcs Base Mould 48.

Note that the assembly instructions are in English, and you will need a staple gun to assemble the racks.

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