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14 March 2024 | ThermIT ApS

The nationwide wholesale company Venmark Fisk in Hirtshals is extremely busy and streamlines as many workflows as possible by using, among other things, ThermIT's digital temperature monitoring.

- It's great to have enough to look after, and then it's great to be able to automate, for example, the statutory monitoring and recording of temperatures for fish in the fridge or freezer.

This is what Heidi Madsen, who is the quality and production manager at the company, which a few years ago took over the premises that previously housed the dairy in Hirtshals.

Now fish is processed, and Heidi Madsen is responsible for production, quality and contact with food authorities.

- It can be difficult to get employees. We have therefore, among other things, to streamline the work process with the statutory self-check, installed the Hjørring company ThermIT's digital temperature monitoring, which does the job and thus contributes to increased food safety. Instead of having to manually read and record temperatures three times a day, the system does it all. It saves us a lot of time.

– If the temperature somewhere in the factory should for some reason deviate from our set limits, the system sends a warning via text message and email to the people who are connected to the task. Then they can arrive in time to solve the challenge.

- It would be a shame to go on a weekend and then turn up on Monday morning for spoiled fish and shellfish for perhaps a lot of money. After all, we would also have problems with being able to deliver goods to customers, so ThermIT is also good insurance for us.

Venmark Fisk buys raw materials daily from the Danish fish auctions and from experienced business partners.

With the new locations in Søndergade in Hirtshals, the company has a base with ample space for cutting both flatfish and round fish, meat production, smokehouse, salad production, a large freezer and dry goods warehouse, packaging facilities and space for several freight departures with its own cars daily.

- We are well equipped for the next several years to deliver to fishmongers, supermarkets, commercial kitchens and restaurants throughout Europe.

- If we should receive a complaint from a customer about goods that have been in stock with us, we can document with ThermIT's system that we have stored the goods correctly. Fish is a very temperature-sensitive product. It gives us good security that we can always go back and document temperatures.

- We also use the digital system and its saved data when the inspection comes to visit. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration praises us for having all data stored digitally.
About Venmark Fisk
The brothers Henrik and Claus Ibsen started the company Venmark Fisk in 1997. They set up a wholesale business in a small disused butcher's shop in Vestergade in the middle of Hirtshals, from where they supplied supermarkets and restaurants with fresh fish directly from the auction.

Six years later, the old butcher's premises had become too small, and Venmark Fisk got a new address on Læssevej in Havnen. Here, over the next few years, sales to the country's fishmongers and in-house production in the form of flatfish cutting and, from 2010, also export sales continued.

Despite several extensions, the premises became too small, and in 2015 the buildings that formerly housed Hirtshals Dairy were acquired as a new domicile.

After a series of adaptations and improvements, the locations on Søndergade have since May 2016 been the place from which Venmark Fisk delivers to the whole country and a long way into Europe.

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