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17 January 2024 | ThermIT ApS

The Hjørring company ThermIT's founder, sales manager and director Ivan Lindgren Hansen continues even after his 70th birthday on 17 January 2014 with full focus on digital development.

The smart wireless temperature monitoring is produced in Hjørring and sold in many countries to restaurants, commercial kitchens, nursing homes, hospitals, shops, laboratories, pharmacies and others with temperature-sensitive goods.

- I travel a lot around many countries to talk about our Danish-produced temperature monitoring of food, among other things, and we work closely with the Danish Export Association.

- We have a fantastic collaboration with the Danish Export Food Tech export network, and this gives us a lot of opportunities and valuable information about what is happening around the world in food production and the industry as a whole. Digitization is the key word, says ThermIT's director Ivan Lindgren Hansen.

The first complete ThermIT solution consisted of a GSM Modem and Wireless Sensors. It was launched in July 2009. The development of the wireless system and the associated web portal began two years earlier.

Ivan Lindgren Hansen and the now former co-owner Jørgen Jensen invented the concept behind ThermIT on the way home from a customer visit to a large oil company. During the visit, they had a conversation about the fact that many gas stations are fined, as they do not have the time and staff to monitor and document the temperatures of the stores' coolers and freezers with food products.

Today, the son Steffen Lindgren Hansen is co-owner of the company, located on Vandværksvej in Hjørring.

ThermIT's founder thinks a lot about sustainability in the company and is, among other things, part of Hjørring Municipality's project "The Great Climate Journey".

- We would like to inspire and motivate customers, dealers and other partnerships to work on strengthening global cooperation for sustainable development, explains Ivan Lindgren Hansen.

The birthday will be marked, among other things, on Friday 19 January from 12-4pm at one of the customers with digital temperature monitoring, Uffe Nielsen's Teatercaféen Hos Uffe at Vendsyssel Teater in Hjørring.

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