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15 February 2024 | Swienty A/S

Hr. Skov produces a wide range of 65 products, including jam, dressing and aioli. They bought their first DANA api MATIC 1000 filling machine back in 2008. As production increased and a need to automate the process, Hr. Skov bought a DANA api MATIC 3000 with a Ø100 turntable in 2021. But when the need in the following years grew to approx. 400.000 fillings, they bought a flex station in 2023.

"We started small, with manual filling. As the need grew, we invested in a DANA api MATIC 1000, which until now has dispensed more than 750,000 fillings. The company grew, and later on we invested in a DANA api MATIC 3000 and now in the Flex station.”

The machine runs 3-4 times a week, where they fill e.g. jam, mayonnaise, dressings and mustard. In the first 4 months, the Flex station filled the first approx. 150,000 glasses.

"The flex station is fast and efficient, which means we can focus our time on other things. Before the filling process took up a lot of our everyday life, now the process is faster and has therefore freed up time for other things. In addition, we have free capacity in the filling station, so we have room to expand.”

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