Filling line for mustard at Senf Pauli in Hamburg

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15 February 2024 | Swienty A/S

Senf Pauli was founded in 2008 by Eva Osterholz. The company has developed a wide range of products in mustard and sauce. In order to set up production as efficiently and professionally as possible, right from the start, they bought a DANA api MATIC 1000 with table stand, in 2009.

“A beekeeper friend had a Swienty filling machine and highly recommended it because of its ease of use compared to other filling machines.”

The machine runs at least 2 times a week and in 2022 they expanded with an automatic lidfitter. According to Senf Pauli, both the filling machine and lidfitter have enabled them to work more efficiently and significantly reduce the workload on the employees in production.

We have asked Senf Pauli how many glasses they fill a year? :
"Many 😊 The filling machine has only had to be serviced twice in all these years, it runs tirelessly, even though it is already an old lady."

“Even if problems arise, support is very friendly and does everything they can to solve the problem. A visit to you and the area around you is also worth it. At the fjord you can get fantastic fish and ice cream sprinkled with licorice! 😉”

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