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13 December 2023 | ThermIT ApS

Restaurateur, chef and organizer in the industry, Uffe Nielsen, uses ThermIT's wireless temperature monitoring in his three restaurants, Hos Uffe – Teatercaféen in Hjørring and Den Gamle Smedje opposite Børglum Kloster and in Café Vognporten at Børglum Kloster.

- It's fantastically nice and easy to work with, and now we don't have to concentrate on manually writing down these temperatures all the time.

ThermIT's simple system monitors with a smart sensor placed in a refrigerator or freezer the temperature around the clock and forwards data to a location in the cloud, so that the customer does not need software for storage.

If the temperature falls outside the desired range, the system automatically sends a warning via SMS or email, so that the user can move expensive food or medicine to safety if a fridge or freezer has stopped working.

- In addition, we have discovered that it saves us money, because sometimes, when we have come home after a long day at work, we get a text saying that we have not closed the kitchen's fridge and freezer doors properly. Then we have to leave again. It has saved us a great deal of money that we have been able to save large amounts of food.

- The young people we have employed really like this modern electronics from ThermIT, and suddenly it is also fun to do temperature monitoring and self-control. It must be fun to go to work.

By ensuring the right temperatures at all times, the user avoids having to discard food due to excessive temperatures and thus reduces food waste. ThermIT's system can also help to reduce energy consumption.

- There is also money to be saved by having this digital control and overview, because then we can control our temperatures much better. We can save energy when, with very precise measurements from ThermIT's system, we can adjust our temperatures to suit.

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