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09 January 2024 | Thy Økobær

Thy Økobær has just launched our fruit syrup in a new variation.
It is now available in small 100 ml bottles which are very suitable for gift baskets. It is also a good supplement in a drinks gift together with e.g. gin, juice and tonic.
The affordable price and size make the purchase more manageable for any customer who might be unsure of how to use the syrup.
On our Facebook page, we will from time to time come up with good ideas and suggestions for using the syrup.

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Thy Økobær

The products from Thy Økobær origin directly from the berries we grow at Bakgaarden
Our organic and sustainable products are coldpressed without the use of enzymes to preserve most nutrients and ensure the best quality and taste. The products are without artificial additives and only organic Danish sugar and water is added.

Thy Økobær is a family-owned company. We grow and make products of the very highest quality.
The company is based on circular economy and a sustainable and responsible production.
When harvesting we bring the fruit directly to the production facility where the berries

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