From Sandwiches to Pastries – How Woodly Bags are Reshaping Food Preservation at Restaurant Essen

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13 March 2024 | Woodly Oy

In the big and busy DB Schenker Vantaa, Restaurant Essen has long been a favorite among its workers. Operated by Compass Group Finland and known for its delicious sandwiches and mouthwatering pastries, Essen has always prioritized quality and freshness in their offerings.

Now, thanks to the introduction of innovative Woodly heat-sealed bags, they’re taking their commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction to new heights.

Marika Koponen, the restaurant manager of Restaurant Essen, shares insights into the transformative impact of Woodly bags on their operations. “We go through about 30 sandwiches a day, and during our busiest days, it can be even a hundred a day”, she reveals. The challenge they faced was ensuring that each sandwich retained its freshness until it reached the customer’s eager hands.

In the past, Restaurant Essen used open triangle bags for packaging their bread products. However, they discovered that this method often led to sandwiches losing their freshness, compromising their quality. “The sandwiches would dry out very quickly”, Koponen explains. But with the adoption of Woodly bags, a remarkable change occurred. “Inside the Woodly bag, the sandwiches stay fresh for significantly longer”, she notes, highlighting the key benefit of this wood-based packaging solution.

Koponen emphasizes how the shift to the Woodly bags has not only improved the dining experience for their customers but also reduced food waste.

“Before we would make the sandwiches in the morning, and eventually, come evening, they were simply dry”, she recalls. “But now, with the Woodly bag, our customers don’t have to eat the sandwich immediately because the bread and the fillings keep their freshness due to the bag.”

The positive impact of the Woodly bags extends beyond sandwiches to pastries as well. “With pastries, we have noticed the same effect”, Koponen reveals. By using the Woodly heat-sealed bags, Restaurant Essen has extended the shelf life of their croissants and other pastries, allowing them to sell these treats for longer periods without fear of them drying out.

For Restaurant Essen, embracing the Woodly bags isn’t just about preserving the quality of their culinary creations—it’s a testament to their ongoing commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction. By reducing food waste and ensuring that each item served maintains its freshness, they’re not only enhancing the dining experience but also contributing to a more environmentally conscious future.

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