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12 March 2024 | Deli Drengene

We are fortunate to welcome the well-known Bornholm Biscuits from Johannes Dam & Son into our product range at Deli Drengene.

Johannes Dam & Son is a Danish company known for producing Bornholm Biscuits. The company was founded in 1855 by Johannes Dam and has since specialized in baking and producing high-quality biscuits.

Bornholm Biscuits are particularly known for their crispness and flavor, and they have become a popular part of Danish food culture. They are made from good ingredients and traditional recipes, giving them their distinctive taste.

Johannes Dam & Son has continued to produce Bornholm Biscuits for over a hundred years and has gained recognition both in Denmark and internationally for their quality products.

The biscuits will be available at our stand at Foodexpo, where it will be possible to learn more and have a taste.

The story behind Bornholm Biscuits:
The Bornholm Biscuit from Johannes Dam & Son crumbles elegantly and crisply on the tongue. Then comes the unique taste of butter, Bornholm rye, and spices, based on a secret recipe that has been in the family since 1924. Delicate for tapas, soups, and much more. Made with care by the sixth generation of the Dam bakery dynasty.
The Bornholm Biscuit is composed of 27 layers and primarily gets its distinctive taste from the Bornholm rye, which has a very special degree of grinding. The artisanal production means that no two biscuits are alike. Therefore, it's a biscuit with personality, and it looks tasty and inviting, for example, on a cheese board that wants to stand out.
Bornholm Biscuits are available in four varieties, so everyone can find their favorite. In 2024, the biscuit from Åkirkeby can even celebrate its 100th anniversary in fine form and in harmony with the times: The use of local ingredients, the story behind the biscuits, and the authenticity make this Bornholm specialty more relevant than ever.

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