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08 December 2023 | Altro Danmark

Altro Whiterock FR is often specified for commercial kitchens and wet environments because the system is jointless, impermeable, hygienic, easy to clean and good looking. When chosen for renovation, there is a good chance that the solution will replace tiles that are prone to cracks that can harbor dirt in the joints. The good news is that it is not necessary to remove the tiles – it is perfectly fine to install Altro Whiterock FR on top, and in fact it may be better to install on top of the tiles than on what is hiding underneath them.

You don't have to worry about whether the tiles are glazed, unglazed, large, small, with or without joints - it's all perfectly fine together. You just have to remember that loose tiles must be removed and replaced with plywood of the same thickness. If the tile is very dirty or painted, it can be removed with a diamond grinder.

When working in a commercial kitchen, downtime can be a big problem for the business or service that uses the kitchen. Therefore, the installation on top of the tiles can save valuable time. There is only one thing that can make you – literally – stand still during the work, and it's that simple: The tiles must be clean!

Away with the dirt
When I say clean, I mean completely clean. There is a high risk of kitchen tiles being coated with grease or food residue, and in bathrooms there are shampoos, conditioners and (yes, I have to say it) body oils. In some places it is obvious that deposits are accumulating, e.g. around the stove or near the switch. However, spatter means that all areas can be contaminated, and if the contamination is not removed, the adhesive applied to the wall solution will not adhere to the tiles. The result is that the wall track will come loose at some point. The sign will be a slight bump in the track. If you remove it, you'll see that it's not a problem with the adhesive - it sticks to the track with no problem - it just didn't stick properly to the tile.

A simple solution
Fortunately, cleaning does not require special equipment and common household products work best. Solvents tend to evaporate so quickly that they don't have a chance to do the job. I recommend that you clean a few times and rinse away the residue of the cleaning products between cleanings. Clean Methodically in Sections – I have noticed that the lower and upper sections of walls are often problematic as you have to bend down or stretch to reach. But it doesn't have to take long. The most important thing is that the cleaning is thorough.

So what if this has happened in your installation? If a wall track is affected, replacement will be straightforward. If the problem extends over more than one lane, it is obviously a bigger task. Either way, it is disruptive to the end user and care must be taken to remove the adhesive in order to start over. Therefore, it is best to avoid the situation altogether.

As always, health and safety procedures must be observed. This includes carrying out the correct risk assessment, always using correct personal protective equipment and ensuring adequate ventilation when using adhesives and cleaning products.

If you need advice, guidance, or have any other questions about how you install our wall tracks, just contact us .

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