Chef of the Year & Waiter of the Year

Join us when the industry's best chefs and waiters compete for the title of Chef of the Year and Waiter of the Year.

Chef of the Year & Waiter of the Year

The Danish Chef of the Year championship is being held for the 31st time, while the Waiter of the Year is being held for the 16th time.

On Sunday 17 March, 10 professional chefs will enter the kitchen at Foodexpo to compete for one of the most prestigious titles in the gastronomic world: Chef of the Year. Here they are joined by 5 leading waiter talents who compete in another honorable competition; Waiter of the Year.

The 10 chef finalists have 6 hours and 25 minutes to create three-course menus in an absolutely special class. The dishes are served to a panel of specially invited guests and a panel of judges. The judges evaluate the participants' dishes based on a number of different criteria, including presentation and taste, and the winner is the participant who has obtained the most points overall.

In Waiter of the Year, each of the 5 waiter finalists is paired with two randomly selected chefs from the Chef of the Year competition. The servants' performance is also judged based on a number of different criteria.

The competitions are free to attend and are organized by the industry association HORESTA in collaboration with 3F.

Årets kok og tjener på Foodexpo 2024

The finalists are:

Chef of the Year:

Bendix Sixhøj Laursen
Bjarke Jeppesen
Cille Bunk Pedersen
Jesper Løbner
Mathias Christensen
Michael Nørtoft
Patrick Godborg
Sophia Rosa Antorini

Waiter of the Year:

Amalie Druekær Rasmussen
Andreas Kobs Laursen
Dennis Blok
Emil Pandrup
Henrik Lindegaard
Ketil Sauer
Kristine Slott Olsen
Marc Thejl Hansen

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