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08 December 2023 | Altro Danmark

Altro improves food production in Finnish catering company

Altro Whiterock White FR

Espoo Catering's new 6000 m 2 kitchen is the model example of the modern professional kitchen. The design focuses on improving efficiency and maximizing hygiene and employee comfort. Every day, the new kitchen produces 11,600 meals for day care centers in Espoo.

The new kitchen design had to take into account the operational processes and include materials that were hygienic and easy to clean, as there had previously been problems with tile joints that could not be thoroughly cleaned.

Altro Whiterock White FR was chosen as the system is particularly suitable for commercial kitchens and is a hygienic alternative to tiles. The solution is impact-resistant, joint-free and easy to clean. The classic smooth white surface makes the system the timeless choice for any interior – and also means that the kitchen at Espoo Catering could be designed to be completely free of joints.

Looks great with:
Altro Reliance 25
Altro Stronghold 30 / K30
Altro Walkway 20

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