Our contact persons at Foodexpo 2022

Henrik Almlund


Gitte Almlund

R&D/Creative Director



ZoZozial Coffee Roasters ApS Case artikler

Beverages Cold Brew Coffee - Ready to Drink Black

Cold Brew Coffee - ready to Drink is a real Cold Brew. Organic and Fairtrade.Drink it cold as a soft drink - add milk if you like.Cold Brew Coffee have a high naturally occured caffeine content - it is basicly natures own energy drink. 

Beverages Ice Coffee Cold Brew - Ready to Mix

Ice Coffee Cold Brew Ready to Mix is a REAL Cold Brew.Use it in scale 1:4 - mix with milk, plant drink or water or Mix your favorite drinks/cocktails for an even sweeter variant of Espresso Martini, Espresso G&T, Black Russian, White Russian.Added cane su... Read the whole case

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