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News 07.03 2022 Vegan chocolate with Yacon

The Company offers vegan chocolate made from the finest rawmaterial and Yacon. Yacon is a root vegetable with lots of natural sugar and fibres. Yacon substitutes common refined sugar.Untill further the chocolate is offered in 3 varieties: - pure 80%, 60% ... Read the whole post

News 11.03 2022 Thee Van Oordt new tea brand

Enjoyment at a high level. Tea that just tastes good. A range of flavors that satisfy the most discerning tea drinkers:Cultivated & packaged in Sri Lanka.Organic.Full traceability in the supply chain.Grown in an environmentally friendly way     Exciting d... Read the whole post

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Food Preserve the forests of the Amazon - eat a Brazil nut!

Trees produce oxygen and bind CO2, and therefore deforestation increases the problem of CO2 emissions.Deforestation is the second largest source of carbon emissions after fossil fuels, where the rate of deforestation is unfortunately still increasing desp... Read the whole case

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