Our contact persons at Foodexpo 2022

Christina Hansen

Product Manager Teministeriet


Det sker hos Teministeriet

Highlight 21.03 2022 Our loose tea and pyramid teabags pakked in Horeca bags with a standard Zip Lock

Highlight 21.03 2022 Supertea bags in a manageable cady with 12 rooms

Highlight 21.03 2022 Serve our carefully selected teas in our doublewall thermo glass without burning your fingers

Highlight 21.03 2022 Make refreshing iced tea on many of our teas and mix it with lemon and mint

Highlight 21.03 2022 Homemade tea syrup can be used for delicious drinks, poured on the warm pancakes or over your yogurt in the morning

Highlight 22.03 2022 Serve organic Chai Latte or Cocoa with exciting flavor combinations

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