Our contact persons at Foodexpo 2022

Kasper Ø. Sørensen

Markedsdirektør B2B Vest

Jan Bertelsen

Bæredygtighedsanvarlig, Salgsdirektør & partner

Brian Sørensen

CCO & partner



Det sker hos Scan Office Daarbak

Event 20.03 2022 Win a garden set made of waste plastic

Now you have a chance to win a garden setfrom HOUE, consisting of two ReCLIPS garden chairs as welland a CIRCUM café table. The chairs are in powder-coated black aluminum. The slats on both seat and back are madeof as much as 97% waste plastic from Danish... Read the whole post

News 20.03 2022 Hugo Piet Hein unveils world news

At 10:30 on Monday the 28th of March Hugo Piet Hein, son of the design icon Piet Hein, who is known for the Superellipse® shape, will enter the Design Stage in Exhibition Hall J3.For the past 30 years, Hugo has worked to continue his father's well-known d... Read the whole post

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