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News 18.01 2022 minding is FSC-certified!

Care for the environment is at the core of minding; becoming FSC® certified was the next step to prove our commitment towards a more sustainable future of interior design. The FSC mark provides credible confirmation for products with environmentally and s... Read the whole post

News 22.02 2022 A comfortable, conscious, and flexible upgrade of Touro

A new version of our most popular chair, Touro, offers an even more expansive range of looks thanks to a "clip-on" seat. Choose from a wide collection of conscious materials - either chrome-free leathers or high-quality fabrics.Whatever surface you decide... Read the whole post

Minding A/S Case artikler

Furniture and interior Temperamental elegance - made in denmark

Touro is a remarkable bentwood chair made from Portuguese oak tree and cork - ready to furnish every room with comfort and elegance!With Touro we have created a timeless chair that demonstrates how beautiful design can go hand in hand with profoud care fo... Read the whole case

Shop interior Eco-conscious acoustics

Our beautiful and functional 3D panels in cork has something for the eyes, the ears and the environment. Because not only is cork somewhat of an eco-darling. It also has soundabsorbing qualities. Therefore, our panels is an elegant way to add nature and w... Read the whole case

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