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Highlight 30.01 2022 Organic Cloudy Lemon Lemonade - Fresh and sour taste without being too sweet.

The classic lemon lemonade can often be slightly too sweet. Ours isn’t. Our lemon lemonade has been lightly sweetened and filled with ripe lemons, resulting in a refreshing yet sour flavour, without being overly sweet. We truly believe that the flavour li... Read the whole post

Highlight 30.01 2022 Organic Lime/Ginger Lemonade - Ripe limes with a subtle aftertaste of ginger.

Some people like a strong ginger flavour, others don’t. We have toned down the taste of ginger in our organic lime/ginger lemonade so that it tastes of lime followed by a smooth and subtle ginger aftertaste.We call our organic lime/ginger lemonade a real ... Read the whole post

Highlight 30.01 2022 Organic Elderflower Lemonade - Fresh and light taste, with notes of darjeeling tea and lemon.

Do you prefer your elderflower lemonade sweet and heavy, or fresh and light? We have added a hint of lemon to ours, providing freshness, as well as a dash of Darjeeling tea, providing a light sensation.Creating our organic elderflower lemonade has been ou... Read the whole post

Highlight 30.01 2022 Organic Rhubarb/Vanilla Lemonade - Fresh, sweet and sour taste.

This is the true taste of springtime in Denmark! A classic lemonade made with Danish rhubarb and a touch of vanilla. The taste is sweet, in part, while the acidity of the rhubarb remains present, providing a fresh flavour.So now it is possible to get the ... Read the whole post

Highlight 30.01 2022 Organic Mango Nectar - Pure and fresh taste of mango, with a hint of lime.

We only use ripe Alphonso mangoes (considered to be amongst the best in the world) in our organic mango nectar, and it is neither too sweet nor heavy, as we add a splash of lime juice to it, making the flavour lighter and fresher.The bottle contains a tot... Read the whole post

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