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News 14.12 2021 Good Vibes

Guests who find it hard to leave your establishment is what we are aiming for—guests who can't get enough of good vibes. Every single nook and cranny of your venue has to ooze good vibes. Lighting, furniture, and comfort go hand in hand with a cosy atmosp... Read the whole post

News 17.12 2021 Slick Storage Solution

Storage needn’t be about stashing away. A clean and tidy workstation for waiters and staff in front of the house requires a convenient storage solution. Wall-mounted shelves are a neat way to keep surfaces clutter-free while having the most essentials wit... Read the whole post

News 20.12 2021 Keep it Consistent

The exterior and interior of your establishment are intrinsically entwined: from the front of house to the back of house to your outdoor areas. Whether in need of stylish coatracks and hangers for your reception area, lounge furniture for your in-between ... Read the whole post

News 17.01 2022 The Finishing Touches

Yes. A perfect vase, art, lighting, and accent pieces will help you create a beautiful space. However, the comfort of your seating will always be on top of the list. The rest is up to you, your guests, and the company they keep. Put comfort front and cent... Read the whole post

Hübsch A/S Case artikler

Furniture and interior Hübsch Care - Responsible Choices

At Hübsch, we care about tomorrow, today.We recognise that everything we do as a design company impacts the environment.That is why we constantly try to find new and better ways of designing and developing our products. We continue focusing on approved an... Read the whole case

Furniture and interior Responsible Materials

It is no secret that we have a soft spot for wood. It is detailed, beautiful and durable. Our new and reproduced wooden designs are FSC®-certified, ensuring that we contribute to a more sustainable future. Besides our certification, we focus on durable de... Read the whole case

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