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Highlight 17.01 2022 Using curtains as soundproof room dividers

Create soundproof spaces within the roomUsing fabric curtains as a room divider is a popular solution, as it is flexible and adds colour, softness and a warm atmosphere to larger office spaces. The need may be to divide larger rooms into smaller zones as ... Read the whole post

Highlight 17.01 2022 CIRCAL curtain rail: Hitting a record low CO2 emission

With the SUSTAIN series from Aluproff we now offer curtain rails, which are made of recycled aluminium – Hydro CIRCAL 75R aluminium – hitting a record-low CO2 footprint. The curtain rails contain a minimum of 75% recycled aluminium, which derive from cars... Read the whole post

Highlight 13.01 2022 The Piet Hein Superellipse® rug collection AVGO

The Superellipse® shape is a symbol of harmony, creativity, equality and the interaction between people. Almedahls has formed a collaboration with Piet Hein based on the Superellipse® shape and has created the beautiful rug series, AVGO, made of 100% wool... Read the whole post

Highlight 17.01 2022 Reduce CO2 emissions with screens

Did you know that 40% of the total energy consumption in Denmark goes towards lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation?Meet the requirements for reducing your company’s CO2 footprint by regulating the heat/cold through the windows. Sun protection/shadin... Read the whole post

News 22.02 2022 Danish Design novelty: The Piet Hein Curtain

In collaboration with Almedahls and Piet Hein's family, we present a novelty in the curtain industry - namely the curtain fabric Inspiro – A new classic based on the the Danish designer’s Superellipse® shape.Piet Hein's son, Hugo Piet Hein, has continued ... Read the whole post

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Sustainable products The Curtain rail Hydro CIRCAL©

In 2021, Aluproff introduced new versions of the two classics 2001 CIRCAL © and 2005 CIRCAL ©. The two curtain rails is made of recycled aluminium – Hydro CIRCAL 75R © aluminium – with a record-low CO2 footprint.The curtain rails is made of at least 75% r... Read the whole case

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