Our contact persons at Foodexpo 2022

David Erlandsson

Sales Director & Co-founder

Michael Krag Nielsen

CEO & Co-founder

Camilla Krag Ramsdahl

Marketing Manager



Det sker hos Aliga Microalgae

News 25.02 2022 The white Chlorella algae ingredient

Aliga has after several years of R&D managed to develop a white Chlorella algae ingredient free from chlorophyl. Without chlorophyl the algae has a white colour and a neutral taste and smell, which together with its rich content of protein, minerals, vita... Read the whole post

Aliga Microalgae Case artikler

Food Danish produced Chlorella ingredients

Chlorella algae is one of the most sustainble and nutritional crops that can be consumed today. Aliga in Hjoerring is specialising in developing, cultivating and producing high quality and sustainable ingredients from its Chlorella algae, which can be use... Read the whole case

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