Our contact persons at Foodexpo

Aviaja Riemann-Andersen

CEO & Co-founder

Jesper Langskov

Salgskonsulent/Food Service

Anni Akinyi Nørløv

Retail Activation Manager



Agrain Case artikler

Sustainable products Agrain® Pilsner Super Grain Flour

Agrain® 01 Pilsner Super Grain Flour can be used for everything from bread to pizza. The Super Grain Flour gives a delicious, light taste of grain and your baked goods get a nice and golden color. In addition to the good taste, Agrain® Super Grain Flour c... Read the whole case

Sustainable products Agrain® organic crispy crisps Indian Spice

Our coarse and crispy crisps with Indian Spice contain 25% upcycled spent grains. The Bombay IPA spent grains is carefully selected to give Agrain® crisps their unique taste. In addition, they contain lots of fiber and a limited amount of fat - therefore ... Read the whole case

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