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News 21.02 2022 ZEN POD

Zen Pod small, quiet rooms are more than merely a retreat, a place to catch one’s breath.  More than just peace and quiet. It is a space to be enjoyed — elegantly and sparingly designed using welcoming, sympathetic materials such as wood, wool, glass, alu... Read the whole post

Highlight 21.02 2022 LILY Lamp

The Lily soundabsorbing lamp represents a whole new perspective on acoustic products. Its noise-dampening feature – the moulded felt from which it is made – has been so thoroughly integrated that you don’t even notice it.Lily got its name from its early p... Read the whole post

Abstracta Interiør A/S Case artikler

Sustainable products SAHARA

he wall panel created by Gabriel Tan is made of cork, a natural material that offers excellent acoustic properties. As simple and spontaneous as a sand formation carved by the wind, its shape is the perfect starting point for creating a multitude of patte... Read the whole case

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