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Aktum A/S

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Bjæverskov, Danmark

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Aktum A/S is today the leading company of its kind in Denmark with its unique product range, which consists of everything from table setting products, coffee, tea and mineral water, office and writing supplies, printer cartridges, cleaning products, food packaging, paper towels to souvenirs.

Aktum A/S is located in Bjæverskov, approx. 10 km west of Køge. The company is gathered here with exhibition, administration and storage facilities. From here, goods are sent daily to all our customers in Denmark and the other Nordic countries.

Aktum is led by Peter Bergman, who previously owned and led Hamo A/S, which was sold to a larger English group in 2010. But he missed the industry greatly and therefore Aktum was founded and has several employees from the "Hamo era" involved in the day-to-day operations.

With our professional account managers and customer service, the Aktum team has many years of experience in the market, with a primary focus on our customers' needs, and therefore knows that it requires special skills and a special business model to optimize our customers' purchases.

Since the beginning of 1999, the Aktum team has contributed to meeting the needs of several hundred private companies in the industry, food industry, craft industry and offices as well as state and municipalities with adapted cooperation models.

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Peter Bergman

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