Nature's pantry

Step into a large universe of sustainability and get new inspiration for your professional kitchen

Edible nature - from farm to table

In Nature's pantry, climate, sustainability, ecology and plant-based products are on the menu.

Here it is the "from-farm-to-table" concept that is cultivated - among other things in four different activity areas in the hall. Here you can come to the Field and harvest, while at the same time learning more about crops, get your hands on the raw materials in Grovkøkkenet, eat plant-based food in Gildesalen or find new inspiration on Gårdpladsen.

The agenda is ready:
the Nature's pantry must inspire to act and act more climate-friendly and sustainable in the professional kitchens.

See more about the various activities below:

Nature's pantry at Foodexpo

The field

Since 1900, we have lost 75% of agricultural diversity. According to the UN, over 250,000 plant species are edible, but less than 3% are cultivated today. We can all do a little better, for example by supporting growers who spread biodiversity in outdoor areas or by growing more ourselves.For example, herbs and vegetables for own kitchen production.

We can buy locally in season, organic and integrate new ingredients and much, much more in harmony with nature. Ecology takes care of the resources and frees nature and groundwater from encountering poisons and artificial fertilizers.

Therefore, we will redefine the perception of breeding and raw materials and be aware of new ways of thinking in urban fields, utility gardens and a shorter supply chain between fields and greenhouses on the one hand and professional kitchens on the other. So join us on discoveries in the field and get lots of tips on how you can grow the good stuff as close to the RAW MATERIAL and nature as possible.

Nature's pantry at Foodexpo


In Grovkøkkennet, you have to roll up your sleeves and experiment with the good ingredients. Grovkøkkenet is a workshop area where you can get concrete and practical inspiration for the daily work in the plant-based kitchen. 

Join exciting and educational drop-in workshops with Rub & Stub, where sustainable gastronomy and fresh seasonal ingredients meet in a festive combination.

Rub & Stub is known for their dedication to fighting food waste and creating delicious dishes with excess ingredients. In this workshop, the focus will be on 'greenies' made with seasonal vegetables, and we will of course work with the colors, textures, preparation and basic taste of the ingredients. Experience the joy of turning ordinary vegetables into tasty greenies under the expert guidance of Rub & Stub. 

Grovkøkkenet is open to the curious throughout the fair.

Nature's Pantry at Foodexpo


Experience culinary delights in Gårdhaven The garden is the hall's meeting place with long tables, where we cultivate community and enjoy culinary flavors under a tarpaulin.

Restaurant Moment has created a completely unique climate-welcoming menu for the occasion:

  • Cabbage package with roasted nuts and brioche cream
  • Confit artichoke with smoked cheese, covered with crispy herbs
  • Sauté of barley with brown butter, mushrooms, smoked squash and pickles of summer greens
  • Potato focaccia with homemade butter

DKK 199 per person incl. a beverage

Buy your ticket to Gårdhaven under "additional purchases" when you book your ticket for Foodexpo.

Nature's Pantry at Foodexpo


At Gårdspladsen you can take part in conversations about sustainable, organic and plant-based food. You can listen to inspiring speeches and debates with experts and activists who share their knowledge and passion for green meals

Are you one of the professional kitchens who will largely plan and purchase based on a desire for health, local, organic or more sustainable in the future? Are you interested in biodiversity and are you interested in how your products are grown?

Check out our exciting debate program and let's discuss together what should be on the plates of the future? How should the climate footprint be reduced - if we can together reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 70 per cent in 2030. compared to the level in 1990, and if Denmark is to achieve being a climate-neutral society by 2050 at the latest? This is something we can only do by standing together.


Nature's pantry at foodexpo

Nature's pantry at Foodexpo

Become an exhibitor in Nature's Pantry

If you focus on one or more of the above areas, you have a unique opportunity to become an exhibitor in the area.

If you would like to know more about Nature's Pantry, you are very welcome to contact us.

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Lykke Kirkegaard Karlsen