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Experience the good craftsmanship, when Denmark's best delicacies in meat, fish and cheese are to be found.


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At Foodexpo, we honor good craftsmanship when we choose Denmark's best delicacies from selected butchers, cheesemongers and fishmongers. The competitions are held on Sunday and Monday at Foodexpo, in collaboration with 3 different industry associations: Danske Slagtermestre, Danmarks Fiskehandlere and Ostehandlerforening for Denmark.



On Sunday 17 March 2024, Denmark's best will be voted in the categories:
Denmark's best Salami in artificial intestine
Denmark's best Salami in natural intestine
Denmark's best Liver paté
Denmark's best Meatball
Denmark's best Grilled Sausage

The competitions are divided into 2 rounds, with the first round taking place on 8 October 2023. Here, 5 products in each category were selected to proceed to the final, which will be held at Foodexpo.

The competition is held by Danske Slagtermestre

See the program here

Danmarksmesterskaberne i cocktails på Foodexpo


On Monday 18 March 2024, Denmark's best in cheese will be voted. There are competitions in the following categories:
Denmark's best home-stirred cream cheese
Denmark's best homemade smoked cheese salad.

Taste and vote for your favorite when we choose Denmark's best cheese delicacies.

The competition is organized by Ostehandlerforeningen for Danmark.

See the program here

Denmarks best Cheesemonger


On Monday 18 March 2024, Denmark's best fish meatball will be awarded at Foodexpo 2024, selected fishmongers compete for the award as owner of Denmark's best fish meatball.

Taste and vote for your favorite when we choose Denmark's best fish meatball.

The competition is organized by Danmarks Fiskehandlere

See the program here

Danmarks Bedste Fiskehandler

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